Rainpal has been extensively designed over the past year and people ask how it will stay on at speed?Answer - the faster you ride the more secure it become, nature working in conjunction with Rainpal, as it has three 1mm clips that go over the visor and sitting inside are three small suction cups. Therefore the unit cannot be pulled through. The clamps are only 1mm thick and made of steel so very strong and they will therefore being so thin not interfere with rain coming into the helmet - more information will be revealed soon

Have you ever wanted the same vision riding a motorcycle in the rain as a car driver's vision? Users of Rainpal will be able to.

Rainpal will be able to flex similar to an  inlet hose to your washing machine to fit most full face helmets if it does not fit yours we will refund your money upon return of Rainpal (subject to terms) 

We are perfectionists and were frustrated with bad visibility in the rain especially in congested city driving at lower speeds. Rainpal will also drastically reduce visor misting as the cold rain will be wiped off quickly

Our unique Patented, lightweight, removable, electric, ultra-thin wiper provides a whole new unparalleled view in the rain, far superior than rain repellents, or moving your head from side to side.

Rainpal will be incredibly lightweight at around 150g with negligible drag as there a air vents between the visor and Rainpal you might forget to take it off your visor in the dry

As riders we have had to endure poor visiblity in the rain for too long and now is the chance to vastly improve vision and therefore safety in the rain

Discounts will be applied for the first 100 Rainpals sold.

Each Rainpal comes with a single click detachable wiper and hard shell carry case which can be stored in most bikes

Rainpal could save your life

If you want to be advised when we launch please email us at sales@rainpal.vision


                                                                     Comments posted on Facebook about Rainpal

Dr R.A.A.Eardley (A former member of the IOM TT and MGP Medics)  "Please add my name to your list of prospective purchasers. I will bring it to the attention of all bikers I know in my area, namely the BMW Club South/West, Plymouth Advanced Motorcyclists and British Legion Riders. I am a member of IAM and I am sure it would of interest to the bike section of that organisation"

Tom Parker "Take my money - I think this is a fantastic idea and with it being so cheap who could say no. I'm sure my fellow club members and I would be interested"

Dean Allder "I can't wait to have it great job Rainpal" 

Joakim Lindeborg "That invention will revolutionise the world"

Michael James: "The most progressive advancement in motorcycle safety I believe a must for commuters"

Pete Dolphin "At long last. Brilliant"

Mikael Buzare "Simply brilliant, go ahead. So tired to wipe my screen with my gloves"

Mike O'Donovan "This is a brilliant invention, definitely need one of them, I ride in Ireland where we get summer for 15 mins each year, the rest is just rain, it`ll make commuting so much safer, how soon can I expect delivery?"

Mick McEvoy "Hi, I live in Scotland the wettest part of the UK make one with a Saltire and I will be your head salesperson. I love it"

Wonderfilengineering.com "The gadget you are looking at is known as Rainpal and is quite a well thought out invention if you ask us"

John Hargrave "Email sent ...wNt one so bad ...brilliant ...about time"

Juan Rivera "BAM!!!111 I want one""

Chris Sixsmith "When is the launch?"

BJ Wrigley "Great idea"

Jason Hardman "Amazing idea want one"

David Ames " I belong to CMA ( Christian Motorcyclists Association ) We are worldwide and I can just imagine How many of these you could sell just by word of mouth and show and tell among us"

Rudy Tierens "die heeft een gat in de markt gevonden goed produkt "Who has a hole in the market found great product"

Jenny Stickells "About time someone came up with this well done"

Michal Majkel "Need you in the UK"

Wouter Agsteribbe "Great idea! Rain on the visor is bad for vision, true. The wiper will help against that. Neat!"

Aiden Boyle "Great concept! I studied industrial design for a while so can see a great market for this, unfortunately it's kind of aimed at rainy countries like our own. I'd be thinking of maybe 2 versions at least, one bare bones version with simple buttons on the visor to switch on/off/speed, then maybe the hi tech wireless versions as a higher end product. As said it's a great concept and luckily most bikers place more value in safety equipment than pretty much any other motorist, then I think pricing can be justified as long as it not taking the ....

Hi Rainpal, Thanks for inventing this coolest product which could easily be super useful for someone who rides. I would like to place my order for 2 pieces and I need you to ship them to Taiwan. I wonder how much I would need to pay including shipment. Put me in the list and let me know any detail I should be informed. Cheers, Po.

Hayden Long "Sounds a very good idea there are times when I had to take my hand off the handle bar to wipe my visor and even then it does not wipe the water off properly"

Matt Tipper "Sound like a great idea to me"

Kirk John "Sounds interesting"

Alwyn Scooter Boy Thornton "Yes good idea"

Sean Paine "Good idea"

James Andrew Watt "Can't wait to get one of these, thick mist came down whilst at work and riding home was difficult as it was about eleven o'clock in the evening. I couldn't ride at a normal speed so the mist wouldn't run off my visor and of course it kept misting up on the inside. Rainpal is the solution for times like these"

Italo Buzzetti "Brilliant"

Moartea Pasiunii "Shut up and take my money, I would not think twice and for such a thing, I would sure pay! This is a brilliant idea!

Matteo Regano "Rainpal seems a great idea indeed, especially compared to those water-repellent products to apply to visors, most of which are a complete waste.........

Wiper gloves this is 2016 Rainpal an automated wiper blade easier and safer, goodbye wiper gloves

Our new site is at www.rainpal.co.uk  

"The gadget you are looking at is known as Rainpal and is quite a well-though-out invention if you ask us" - Wonderfulengineering.com

Tom Parker: "Take my money - I think this is a fantastic idea, and with it being so cheap who could say no. I'm sure my fellow club members and I would be interested"

Goodbye wiper gloves.

Rainpal was invented by Adam Aarons,  Adam's Facebook Profile, and Linkedin Profile I was so fed up with rain, road grime I had my eureka moment and decided I would work full time to develop a sleek electric wiper for visors providing the best vision ever. Each year over a million motorcyclists are killed many in the rain and many more disabled for life. No one thinks when they jump on their bike it will be them don't let it be you use Rainpal

I want to reduce the number of accidents.  I started my own business at 29, I am now 52 and built an extremely successful global recruitment business initially placing senior Director level and above candidates in the London offices of global banks reporting directly the the Global Heads of businesses. Within a year many of the overseas branches of these banks, Hong Kong, New York etc were asking me to deal directly with them and I placed many of the top people in the world including the 2nd youngest ever Managing Director at Merrill Lynch (Now Bank Of America Merrill Lynch) and for most of the other global banks like UBS, Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust etc

We have now teamed up with an incredible design firm which has decades of experience in making numerous different prototypes untilising modelling, mechanical and electrical designers.

Rain repellents can never provide the same vision of a good wiper especially at low speeds, tacking road grime, salt spray,drizzle like with Rainpal and our optional water spray.

Governments all over the world realise that rain repellents do not provide adequate vision that is why wipers are mandatory on cars by law in every country but currently no law for motorcycle riders partially because there are no credible wiping systems so riders are left in much higher danger on a bike which ironically is more likely to injure you if in an accident compared to a car. Don't let this be you. Rainpal will provide an excellent wiper system for you.

About 90% of visors on sale are scratch resistant and in most cases glove wipers do not scratch your visor, Rainpal will provide less pressure on your visor so should not scratch it and we guarantee no scratching if your visor is clean and wet as we ship each Rainpal with a Free Tear Off. 

Drizzle, rain, dirty grey traffic spray, salt spray all greatly compromise vision. Rainpal cuts through all of these with a wiper and Jetwash

For updates on Rainpal please click Here

We know from personal experience riding in drizzle, spray from trucks, winter salt spray drastically reduce visiblity but riders had no choice, they do now! 

Rainpal is designed to fit all curved visors however in the extremely unlikely event Rainpal does not fit your visor, no worries, we will give you a full refund. Sad times for wiper gloves. Our new site is at www.rainpal.co.uk

Over 104,000 views on YouTube and featured and presented on Discovery TV

Update: Rainpal attaches via a super adhesive strip with detachment system not using clips Rainpal has been published in all of the below + many more & translated into all major languages

Now with around 1,500,000 views on Facebook. Rainpal wipes across a 14 cms wide area with a 7cms height. Multiple Design, Mechanical Patents Registered and Pending and Trademark Pending. Rainpal has been translated into every major language including the publications below.

                                                     Our new site is at www.rainpal.net

We want to be safer, but still every second globally riders ride in the rain with bad vision. In modern times this danger can be reduced, truck spray, drizzle, heavy rain, city riding etc  Fancy being emailed when the prototype is ready? Sure send an email with the subject "I want to be safer" to sales@rainpal.co.uk  Rainpal no longer uses clips for attachment but a super strong adhesive strip with a detachment system fitting all Full Face visors

Crystal clear vision in the rain and in addition vastly reduced fogging. Similar to the area of a car windscreen that is wiped fogging less. Details can be found at No 4 in the Key Features section.