1. Rainpal is made from flexible material which holds the shape you create with no springing back to it's original shape enabling fitment to all full face helmet visors 23cm to 27cm in width at the clamping point to your helmet or we will refund you as simple as that.

2. You can use Rainpal at any speed and even open your visor at any speed with attachment via super strong adhesive tape.

How? tape so strong trucks, trains are made from it therefore providing far more than enough adhesion, don't believe us check out by scrolling down to the strength Video so your Rainpal will not be coming off your visor. A sleek Rainpal measuring just 1.8 cm by 1.8 cm the adhesive strip is covered with a slim mounting plate finished in either black or white to match the Rainpal colour ordered and the brakcet which remains in place at the top edge of the visor with or without Rainpal attached. As the wiper on Rainpal detaches with one click both options are easy. As most visors sit about 1 cm higher than the viewing aperture of the helmet you only lose about 0.3 cm of top vision, nothing to be concerned about. Rainpal measuring 1,3 cms top to bottom and 1.3 cm front to back can then be attached/detached as you require. Each Rainpal will ship with 2 strips and mounts so you can use Rainpal on two visors/helmets, extra sets can be purchased separately. 

3. Water jet spray (windshield washer) to wash your visor which is detachable the jet is offset to the left of centre so as not to detract from the rider's central vision. The water sprays right away but there will be a 1 second delay for the wiper in order for the water to spread. Easy to see in the drizzle with Rainpal and Rainpal is also extremely effective in giving you excellent clear vision on salted roads in cold conditions. Rainpal has an internal water reservoir and a connection for a large external reservoir (sold separately)

4. Ever wondered why a car windscreen fogs up faster and more than where it is not being wiped. Rainpal drastically reduces fogging/misting of a visor on the same basis as the colder rain is wiped away thereby reducing the temperature difference between the inside and outside of your visor. Not only initially but as the rain has been wiped away there will be far less chilling of the rain therefore reducing the temperate difference between the inside and outside of the visor. Fogging is caused by a large temperature difference and large humidity difference between the warmer more humid air from the rider's breath on the inside surface of the visor compared to the much colder temperature of rain wich is cooler than the atmosphere at ground level as it has fallen from high altitude. The rain therefore cools the inside of the visor to a lower temperature than normal. The rider's breath and face both produce heat and the breath humidity. When this much colder rain sits on the outside of the visor and the warm humid air inside the visor hits these colder spots a micro climate occurs with a micro reaction of fogging which expands under the rain drops inside rapidly produces large areas of fogging on the inside. In much the same way in a car when the blower fron the windscreen is not turned we can see the windscreen area that is being wiped will fog a lot less than the area not being wiped especially on the passenger area which in most cases has a larger unwiped area.  Rainpal wipes away rain quickly therefore reducing the temperature difference therefore reducing fogging. This is a scientific fact.

5. Over 90% of visors currently on sale are scratch resistant. Currently wiper gloves do not scratch visors and Rainpal will use less pressure so scratching shold not be a problem if your visor is clean and wet. As an added confidence booster we ship a Free Tear Off so guaranteed no scratching

6. Rainpal's wiper shaft detaches via a one click system so you can keep Rainpal on all the time which is especially handy for video recording with our Evolution model.

7. Spare wipers available

8. Swappable battery packs.

9. Removeable wiper

10. Adjustable wiper speed

11. Delay wipe

12. Easily fits and detaches in about 2 seconds

13. Wireless controls via a watch strap like system to fit different diameter steering

14. Can be used with Pinlocks

15. Lightweight at 150g about 8% of the weight of an average helmet

16. Small size at only 1.8cms in width and height therefore negligible drag.

17. Coin size air slots between Rainpal and your visor to further reduce drag 

18. Soft inner rubber compressible cushions prevent any vibration, rattle noise

18. Vibration, rattle, noise free drive system.

20. A massive 140 degress of cleared vision

21. Vastly reduced glare from car headlights and/or street lights in the rain at night

22. No more frozen water covering the visor when riding in freezing fog or mist

23. Less freezing cold air blowing in your face by less need to lift your visor to clear the fogging

24. Less dry face and potential aging from freezing cold air blowing into your face

25. Bluetooth controls easily attach via a Hex key to steering mean you never have to take your hand off the steering grip giving a much safer ride especially in an unexpected event. Forget glove wipers, this is 2016 treat yourself to a safer less stressful ride in the rain.

26. Battery life of at least 45mins and much longer on delay wipe. Rainpal can be charged at the office via USB for the journey home, or on-board if your bike if fitted with USB

27. Swappable battery packs so you never need to be without power.

28. Rainpal can be left on all the time as the wiper shaft has a one click detachment system

29. Hard carry case included for onboard storage

30. 24 month comprehensive warranty


                                                          Our new site is at www.rainpal.co.uk